Adam Gold Ju Jitsu

Name: Adam Gold

Age: 39

Height: 180cm

Weight: 90kg

Interests: Martial Arts, Writing, Family Time


Why did I start learning Martial Arts?

There is nothing unusual here. As a young teenager I experienced a certain amount of bullying at school and needed a way to defend myself.

At the age of 15 I started weight lifting but still couldn't apply my strength. One evening out in town with my friends I heard a lot of shouting from inside an old hut down an alley off the high street. I checked out what I found to be the local Karate class. My journey started there.

After 2 years of Karate I moved to Bedford where I started ITF Taekwon-Do quite by chance and have never looked back.


Martial Arts studied:

ITF Taekwon-Do (1996-present)

Shotokan Karate (1994-1996)

Mixed Martial Arts (2010-present)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (march 2015- -April 2017)

JuJitsu (August 2010-present) (currently Zen Kenpo)


Tournament Bio:

1997 Spring East Anglia Open point sparring bronze

1997 Spring East Anglia Open light continuous silver

1997 Autumn East Anglia Open light continuous gold

1997 UKTA British Championships (ITF TKD) sparring silver

1997 Moo Duk Kwan open (TKD) point sparring silver

1997 Moo Duk Kwan open (TKD) light continuous gold

1998 Spring East Anglia Open light continuous bronze

1998 Summer East Anglia Open point sparring bronze

1998 Summer East Anglia Open light continuous silver

1998 Autumn East Anglia Open point sparring silver

1998 Autumn East Anglia Open light continuous gold

1998 Ringside European (ITF TKD) Patterns bronze

1998 Brighton Open (ITF TKD) Patterns silver

1998 Impact (ITF TKD) sparring silver

2002 Autumn East Anglia Open light continuous bronze

2002 Winter East Anglia Open light continuous silver

2002 ring bout (kick boxing) runner up

2006 London Open (ITF TKD) Sparring gold

2007 English TKD Open Light continuous gold

2007 English TKD Open point sparring silver

 2007 English TKD Open Destruction gold

2008 ETS TKD student of the year

2015 IMASA Nationals Combat Jiu Jitsu silver

2015 IMASA Nationals Ground fighting gold

2015 Toukon Academy BJJ Interclub comp- middleweight gold & absolute (white belt)

2018 (May) ITFU Taekwon-Do Pure Black Belt invitational - 4th sparring

2018 (July) GTI Taekwon-Do UK Nationals sparring bronze

2018 (Sept) WFMC British Championships No Gi Jiu Jitsu 93kg runner up

2018 (Sept) WFMC British Championships MMA Vets- Gold

2019 (Jan) GTI English Open sparring silver

2019 (Jan) GTI English Open destruction silver

2019 (Feb) WFMC British Championships MMA 90kg+ runner up

2019 (Mar) LTSI SE TKD Opens- Umpire of the Tournament

Black belt certification:

2nd degree black belt ITF Taekwon-Do 10th April 2011  

3rd degree black belt Budo Multistyle (IMASA) September 2014

Shodan-Ho Zen Kenpo Ju Jitsu 2017

2nd dan Atemi Jitsu 2018


Other certification:

I operate a transparent policy on legitimacy. I can provide certification of the following:


Qualified instructor (CCAA, ITFU, UKMAA)

Member instructor with ITFU (Int. Taekwondo Fed. Union), UKMAA

Child Protection Officer for CCAA & UKMAA

Public Liability insurance 

First Aid at work (Bostock)

Public Indemnity & Accident cover 

Enhanced clean DBS certificate.

Child Protection Policy

Degree in Sports Studies and leisure

BTEC in Games & Leadership

Community Sports Leader

Fitness instructor (WABBA)

Purple belt Shotokan Karate (BKA)

Blue belt BJJ

White belt Ameri-Do-Te

26 years of experience in martial arts.

Amazon best selling author (Taekwon-Do)