The UKMAA is a national governing body that oversees martial arts clubs and the way that they are run. Zen Kenpo Martial Arts are a member of the UKMAA and therefore are recognised for extremely high standards of tuition and professionalism. The UKMAA also provide all levels of insurances and certification that are required for running a martial arts club.

Zen Kenpo Martial arts work alongside the CODE Combat Arts Association to provide a comprehensive portfolio of styles for you to choose from.  We believe that the two associations offer a unique, open minded approach to providing you with the widest range of options in this area

This Essex based company have been supplying CODE Combat Arts with matting for 4 years now. They haven't done too much business with us because their mats are incredibly hard wearing! MMA Mats stock a range of types and thickness of flooring for martial arts, gyms and activity areas.