April 2018 Zen Kenpo Ju Jitsu grading

This month saw the inaugural grading for the St Neots Zen Kenpo Ju Jitsu group as lead by chief instructor Soke Cliff Witcher 8th degree.

The gradings were held over a 2 week period and candidates were put through their paces to progress from white belt to red belt accordingly. Amongst the techniques included were:

10 specific movement forms

breaking strangles from front and rear

Arm locks

Shoulder and arm locks


Break falling and rolling


Striking techniques

The student had spend several months studying hard for the grading exam and this reflected in the high standard displayed by all. Indeed the pass rate was 100% with all participating students receiving their red belt and one step closer to the coveted black belt.

Soke Witcher would like to extend his congratulations to everyone involved and looks forward to the next grading and the inaugural Kempston grading for atemi jitsu too.

If you would like to work towards achieving a black belt in Ju Jitsu head over to our contact page to book your FREE session now!

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