Ju Jitsu in Kempston is evolving

Evolution is a natural process.

It is evident in most things. Animals have evolved over millions of years. Business processes evolve. Technology has evolved. Sales processes evolve.

Look at most things and you will see some sort of change that is an attempt to keep up with society, needs or demands. We at Zen Kenpo martial arts apply evolution to what we do too.

Most martial arts styles originate from a long time ago when society was different. People were more at risk from swords or spears and the mindset of attackers was different. As society has evolved it is commonplace for ju jitsu classes to include defences against bottles, knuckle dusters and other modern weapons.

Instructors who are stuck in the mindset of a syllabus that should not be changed or evolve run the risk of their tuition being less effective than is required as well as their student becoming bored as eventually they feel they are repeating things too often.

Please note I am not saying that we should not drill the basics over and over- I am a massive advocate of building a strong foundation and if you look at the stats for UFC fighters (or other style artists) simple and effective movements tend to provide the most victories.

At Zen Kenpo Martial Arts we take influence from what has been, what is currently available and what can be developed moving forwards. The syllabi that we teach DOES change. It DOES evolve. We include elements from other styles like judo, Taekwon-Do, karate and other styles of Ju Jitsu.

This is how we believe it should be: move with the time and go with the flow of the tide rather than against it.

If you would like to experience our Ju Jitsu or Atemi Jitsu programs then drop us a line or head over to our contact page for a chat.

Ju Jitsu Evolution

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