December 2018 grading

December 2018 saw our 2nd grading of 2018 take place at our main school in Eynesbury.

This was only the 2nd grading of the year as our head instructor and examiner, Witcher Sensei VIII dan, has been plagued with injury recently and indeed was digging deep and working hard to recover to ensure that the Zen Kenpo students were given the chance to display what they knew.

It was virtually inevitable that the result would be a 100% pass rate due to 8 month gap between the April grading and this one and that is exactly what happened. Every student taking the grading was a 9th kyu red belt and every student was promptly awarded 8th kyu yellow belt.

In my opinion waiting this long between grading dates only served to show the resilience and dedication of the Zen Kenpo students who can wear their yellow belts knowing that they are a solid standard of that grade.

Witcher Sensei has fortunately overcome his injuries and is back on the mats so 2019 will hold more grading dates than 2018. These dates will be uploaded to the website early in 2019 so that everyone knows what they are working towards.

Zen Kenpo Ju Jitsu Eynesbury

From left to right back row: Kevin Hone 8th kyu, Julien Day 9th kyu, John Ayres 8th Kyu, Adam Gold assistant instructor. Front left: Tom Ayres 8th kyu. Front right: Freddie Ayres 8th kyu

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