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January is always an interesting month for me regarding martial arts. People make New Year's Resolutions (me included) with good intention to become the best that we can be in the current year. Many will fail after a month, 2 months or longer.

However, to see the positive spirit and proactive nature of people simply because a year ended and another one began always brings a smile to my face.

Our classes tend to grow somewhat from December to January and this year has been no different apart from one thing: we were so busy enjoying the festive period we didn't really do much advertising! That's the thing about January- you need to get promoting BEFORE January to take advantage of it!

That said we had to crack on, get back to training and put our faith in the public.

When we finished for the Christmas holiday the Ju Jitsu Class had about 10 regular students- a nice number of dedicated people who were starting to rebuild the Zen Kenpo group.

Personally I was competing on Sunday 27th January and so I missed the class that week. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the Ju Jitsu class on the 3rd February and 17 people were on the mats! Bearing in mind 3 of our regular members were not at training that meant that we had 10 brand new members. That's amazing for just a couple of weeks!

Obviously people have been setting their own resolutions for 2019 and acting upon them. These kinds of people are more likely to continue on their journey to black belt.

It isn't too late. What resolutions have you made this year? What could you do from NOW?!

For me, I've decided to do 12 resolutions: 1 resolution per month. In January I did 'Dry January'. In February I am doing a 'Keto Diet' as well as not drinking alcohol. I have other plans to do a month without coffee (my worst nightmare), a month where I run 5 miles every day. Splitting the year down into 12 monthly resolutions breaks it up and for me injects more interest.

All I can say is give it a try and if you want to do something completely different come and join us at Zen Kenpo Ju Jitsu every Sunday at Eynesbury FC (7-8.30pm)

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