2019 Spirit Award. Who will you vote for...?

Do you think someone deserves credit? Has someone gone above the call of duty? Who has excelled this year in training, competition or something else? Is there an unsung hero in our midst?! Zen Kenpo Martial Arts (ZKMA) and CODE Combat Arts Association (CCAA) are looking to present our combined Spirit Award to one deserving person at this years’ Christmas party & awards event. The Spirit Award will be presented annually to a deserving person who will be voted by the students, members and parents of both ZKMA & CCAA via an anonymous ballot. It can be awarded to ANYONE associated with The clubs: STUDENT | INSTRUCTOR | PARENT | FAMILY MEMBER | RELATIVE If you think someone deserves recognition then vote for them. All you need to do is fill in a Spirit Award nomination slip at class and place it into the ballot box. Whoever has the most votes for a good reason will be awarded with a trophy to keep as well as their name on a central trophy/ shield held by the club for 2019. You will be able to vote from your next lesson. Look out for the ballot box and nomination slips in class! Senseis Gold, Witcher & Boldero

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